Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS)

Data Collection Periods

Fall Collection: The Fall collection includes the Institutional Characteristics, Completions, and 12-month Enrollment components. The Fall collection opens September and closes October.
Winter Collection: The Winter collection includes the Human Resources component. In addition, institutions have the opportunity to provide Fall Enrollment data and Finance data at this time. The Winter collection opens December and closes January of the next year.
Spring Collection: The Spring collection includes Graduation Rates and Student Financial Aid, as well as Fall Enrollment and Finance (for those institutions that did not lock in Winter). The Spring collection period extends from March through April.

Data Feedback Reports

IPEDS Data Feedback Report 2007
IPEDS Data Feedback Report 2008

Data Susbmitted to NCES through IPEDS

Legend: F=Fall S=Spring W=Winter





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