MS 101 Algebra and Trigonometry Schedule Calendar of topics for statistics Monday Wednesday Friday 14 Aug Introduction OpenStax text Desmos Schoology Exponential functions 21 Aug 6.1 Exponential functions 6.2 Graphs of exponential functions Convocation [cancelled test one] 28 Aug 6.3 Logarithmic functions 6.4 Graphs of Logarithmic functions Shanalin growth curve 6.4 continued Personal technology tech support 04 Sep 6.5 Logarithmic properties 6.6 Logarithmic and exponential functions Individualized help with personal technology Liberation day 11 Sep 6.8 Fitting exponential models: Cooling curve demo Test one 18 Sep Review test one 7.1 Angles 7.2 Right angle Trigonometry 25 Sep 7.2 day two 7.3 Unit circle 7.1 + 7.2 homework 7.3 day two 02 Oct 7.3 Unit circle day three Inscribed polygons Homework 7.4 other trig functions Test two 09 Oct Test two review 8.1 Graphs of sine and cosine functions 8.1 graphs day two Working problems similar to homework probs 16 Oct 8.3 Graphs of other trig fcns 8.4 Inverse trig fcns 8.4 type problems worked in class Test three 23 Oct Review test three Test 3 reheated 9.1 9.3 Identities + 9.5 x²+y²=r². cos²(θ)+sin²(θ)=1 sin(2θ)=2sin(θ)cos(θ) 9.5 continued 30 Oct 9.5 wrap up Test four Chapter nine FSM Independence 06 Nov 10.3 Polar coordinates Pohnpei constitution Veteran's Day observed 13 Nov 10.3 Polar coordinates 10.4 Polar graphs 10.4 Polar graphs 10.7 Parametric graphs 10.7 Parametric graphs 20 Nov 10.8 Vectors 10.8 Dot and cross products Test five Chapter ten 27 Nov 11.5 Matrices and Matrix Operations 11.5 Matrices day two Desmos matrix calculator Course evaluation Finals Week Schedule Monday Wednesday Thursday Friday Monday 04 Dec Expo Log review Trig review 07 Dec Test six

  1. Textbook: OpenStax Algebra and Trigonometry, by Jay Abramson, Arizona State University.
  2. Required materials: Either a smartphone, tablet, or laptop computer.
  3. Office hours: 3:10 to 4:00 MWF or by appointment.
  4. Instructor: Dana Lee Ling
  5. Email:,
  6. Phones: Work: 320-2480 extension 228 | SIM: 926-2868 | Home: 320-2962
  7. Attendance: Students who are absent for more than six lecture classes can be dropped from the course. A late is one third of an absence. Thus any combination of absences and lates that exceeds six can result in withdrawal. Absences can be excused from the four absence limit for medical or official education-related travel. Appropriate documentation is required such as a note from the physician (doctor) or, in the case of education-related travel, some form of written or electronic communication from official sponsors of the travel.
  8. Drug policy: No betel nut in class nor on campus except in the cultural huts. No chewing of betel nut during class. Chewing betel nut during class can result in dismissal from class for that day.
  9. Student learning outcomes: The student will be able to:
    • Manipulate exponential/logarithmic functions.
    • Employ angles.
    • Evaluate trigonometric ratios.
    • The student will be able to graph and analyze periodic sinusoidal functions.
    • Grading policy: Homework, tests, and the final are marked and generate points. Your grade is a reflection of a body of work during the term. The final letter grade is based on the standard College policy: Obtain 90% of the points or more to obtain an A, 80% to 89% for a B, and so forth. The course uses an on line grade book,
    • Academic Honesty Policy: Cheating on an assignment, quiz, test, midterm, or final will result in a score of zero for that assignment, quiz, or examination. Due to our cramped quarters, the course operates by necessity on a system of personal integrity and honor.