Crinum asiaticum

Liliidae: Lilliaceae

Chuuk (lagoon): siipw
Chuuk (westerners): kiyopw
Kosrae: kiuf
Pohnpei: kiup

Chuuk (lagoon)

Marylou Rold: Chúúnúket is a word used to describe the following illness. When a lady is pregnant there are medicines to prevent and protect her from ghost sickness on her baby. This kind of illness is caused by enuusooso or sooyenu, certain kinds of sorcery or magic. Ghosts or monsters can also induce this illness. If those medicines are not used, some parts of the baby will abnormal at birth. For example, the head might be abnormally large with oversized eyes but the body will be abnormally skinny. When an abnormal baby is born the fruit of siipw is used to cure the baby. Pound the fruit and apply to the babies skin after birth. Of course, there are other medicines to prevent em>Chúúnúket that should be used during pregnancy.

Another use of siipw is when a girl is engaged she wears the flower. This tells guys not to bother her. 12 February 2004.