Toahn Karamahd

Tentative identification: Coleus

Submitted by: Lory-Ann Anson


Toahn Karamahd has its own living color. This herb usually grows along the roads or besides the houses for decoration.

What it does

Toahn Karamahd has two main uses that most people here in Pohnpei commonly used:

  1. It cures ear infection
  2. It cures skin rashes (babies and adults)

How it is used or prepared ?

  1. Take four or more of this leaf.
  2. Rub it in the hands or pound it until the water or juice came out
  3. Squeeze it on the infected area or in the infected ear.
  4. On the skin rash, you could apply the drops whenever it dries up, for four to eight days.
  5. For the ear infection, you will apply the drops for about two to four drops twice a day.
  6. This medicine last for four to eight days as Pohpeians style or usage.