Guava Plant

The name of this plant is Guava. This plant is one of the most useful plants here in Pohnpei. This plant also has fruit on it. People here in Pohnpei use this plant in some areas like for medicine, for food and working materials.

The specific uses of these plants are it can curse some sickness. The sicknesses are like diherria and the leaves they use it for cleaning pregnant women.

For diherria , you just have to pick four young leaves or the top and chew it. It will stop the diherria. These plant evens have skin or the bark also use for medicine. You can just get some of the Guava bark boil it with some water and when the water turns red you can drink it and that can help clean the inside of you and also your kidney. For this medicine, you also need to use the young leaves also.

This plant is easy to find and you can find it even here in the campus. Almost all the parts of the tree, people can use.

The specimen of this plant Guava, this plant has seeds and you can find the seeds in the

fruit. FOR YOUR HELP: This plant has different name in other states, as if for Pohnpeian they call it Kuapa, Kosraeans they call it Kuapa too.

Thank You, Sepe Kilafwakun