Dorothy En

plant name: Piy (HAIR) uses:used as hair grower/rogaine

This plant is used as hair medicine or treatment.This Plant when used, is believed to make hair healthier,grow faster,get thicker and get more darker in color.Yapese ladies use this plant for these purposes. Yapese women value their hair so much that they go to the trouble of looking for this plant.This plant is hard to find and when found, one has to go through a lot of trouble in preparing it.This plant is used as a shampoo, in which this plant and coconut milk is mixed together and applied on hair. When using it, one has to be careful not to get it on any body parts where hair might grow and one would look somewhat funny. For example, never get it on your face, you would end up looking like a monkey. The name for this plant derived from its' uses and texture. This plant looks like hair and so from this, Yapese call it Piy. Piy is the Yapese name for hair.