Dorothy En

plant name: la'lau uses: boil treatment,scar treatment and turtle food.

This plant (la'lau) is used for treating boils which sometimes occur on the body. To use the plant, break off the top branches(apex, pound them and apply them to the infected area. Mainly the opening of the boil. It is known to speeds up the process in which a boil underwent before it releases the puss.It also help elliminate the pain. When you use this plant on your boil, you are likely to not have any scar after the boil heals. Many people gather these plants as food for their turtle pet. Same procedure is applied here. Break off the top branches and give them to your pet. It is said that this plant is given to turtle because they resemble seaweeds.And turtle is known for eating seaweeds. This plant is found on rocky places. They grow on rocks and are very easily uprooted.Some people say that this plant belong to the algea family.