Chloris barbata

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Family: Poaceae

Chuukese name:Fedin

English name: Swollen fingergrass

Kosraen name:

Pohnpeian name:

Yapese name:

Location collected:COM-FSM campus ,

Date collected: 04 December 1998

Collected by: Naimy Weilbacher

Vegetative characteristics:

Habit:  More like a herb;Mainly terrestrial, can be found alongside of roads in dry places.It can also  be found on lowlands and coastal areas.

Leaf shape and morphology: Parallel venation and linear in shape. The leaf sheat has hairs on top

Stem type: Soft inner core with nonwoody stem. Its lenth is about (1-1.5ft) or more.

Floral characteristics: the florals are numerous with little spiklets densley overlaping 2-2.5mm long. It is obovate and arranged in two rows.

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