Affective Assessment Survey for Practical Mathematics

INSTRUCTIONS: DO NOT WRITE YOUR NAME ON THIS SURVEY!!! Please fill out this survey honestly. Your answers will not affect your grade. Place a check in the box indicating whether you strongly disagree, disagree, agree, or strongly agree with the statement.

Affective domain survey
 StatementI strongly disagreeI disagreeMaybeI agreeI strongly agree
1.Before I took this class, I liked mathematics.      
2.After I took this class, I liked mathematics.      
3.Mathematics can be fun.      
4.I enjoyed participating in the activities of this class.      
5.I was confused in this class.      
6.I did not understand what we were doing in this class.      
7.I want my next mathematics class to be more like this one.      
8.I learned a lot in this class.      
9.I had fun in this class.      
10.I want to study more mathematics.      

11. Comments and criticisms: