Composition Assignment

Create a simple three page composition consisting of a cover page, body, and bibliography.

Cover Page

Centered horizontally and vertically using center alignment both horizontally and vertically (via page set up).


Information for use in double-spaced body paragraph on page two:


PALIKIR, Pohnpei
To a large extent, JEMCO, not our elected officials, will determine how our funds are spent and how our government will function. We would be forced to abandon that most basic of all sovereign rights. Further, the most sums they have offered to establish our trust fund would virtually guarantee our dependence on the United States or some other donor nation forever.
Senator Isaac V. Figir,, Friday, January 10, 2003.

To preserve the compact's success and the underlying strategic interests, U.S. defense rights and economic assistance provisions of the compact must be renewed by Congress. The Bush administration consulted with Congress about renewal terms in a bipartisan spirit and has negotiated agreements that address concerns raised by GAO about fiscal accountability for the island governments. The renewal agreements also tighten controls on migration between the islands and the mainland. Finally, the U.S. lease at strategically vital Kwajalein does not expire until 2016, but the Marshall Islands has offered to extend U.S. base rights for decades in support of U.S. strategic programs.
     Free association is based on separate sovereignty, nationality and citizenship, and is free because any party to the compact can terminate it in favor of full independence at any time. Thus, it is not some screwy scheme of commingled nationality or neocolonial entanglement. Indeed, the whole point of free association is that it continues as long as it serves the mutual interest of the parties.
Zeder, Fred M., U.S. diplomatic success story, The Washington Times,, 02 July 2003.