Srol Kang Fohk

Edited by: Julie Shrew

As told by: Nro Jr.

Long time ago in the green and lush island of the sleeping lady, there lived a father and a mother who had always wanted to have children for their own. After so many times of trying to have children of their own, the mother luckily given birth to a baby girl but as the girl grew up, she was very, very spoiled. The father and the mother felt like their daughter was so out of control that one day they decided to get rid of their daughter at one of the isolated village in Kosrae. Their plan did worked. They had left their daughter alone in the isolated village with no food and drinks, leaving her behind to survived on her own.

Sometimes later, news had been going around the village that the daughter will soon have a big celebration on her baby first birthday. The father and the mother were so excited to meet their first and only grandbaby that they forget that they had thrown the daughter out of their lives. They brought along with them lots of gifts for the baby. When they arrived at their daughter isolated village, they asked to see the daughter’s baby but the daughter didn’t gave them the baby, but turned them to a fish called “srol”. She not only turned her parents to srol but she also told them that her babies feces would be the only food they should eat in order for them to survived.

Today, the father and the mother who had turned into “srol” are now deceased, but they had produced lots of new baby srol. Moreover, the baby srol are still eating the feces of the people of Kosrae.