PreSenior Quiz 02 Name: __________________

  1. Who first described the concept of a vast interconnected set of electronic information trails?
  2. In 1965 Ted Nelson invented a term for the above concept. What is that term Ted invented?
  3. Who invented the "world wide web" and thus the Internet as we know it today.
  4. Determine the external IP address for the college today.
  5. Determine the internal IP address for your computer today.
  6. Is there a way for a black hat hacker to obtain your internal IP address and thus control your computer, and, if so, what is that way?
  7. What is shark in shark.palikir?
  8. What is a domain name?
  9. Determine what country is using .es as their top-level domain.
  10. Write the URL for a search engine that returns a graphical concept map.
  11. What is the function of Google scholar?
  12. What Google command will return the definition of a word?
  13. There is a picture of Jelly on the COM-FSM web site. If you search using Google for Jelly, you will get millions of hits. What search string do I type into Google to search for Jelly only on the COM-FSM web site?
  14. For what is the html in <html> an abbreviation?