PreSenior Quiz 01 Name: __________________

  1. If I find a picture on the Internet that I want to use in a PowerPoint presentation, what are the steps to getting that picture into PowerPoint?
  2. What is Firefox?
  3. An email begins:
    Dear sir/madam:
    I am the attorney for the son of his excellencym, the late President Assad of Syria by his first wife. I stand to inherit 15.6 million dollars but my stepmother has blocked my access to necessary bank accounts. You, however, are not known to my client's stepmother and could access these accounts on his behalf with code numbers I will give to you if you agree to my proposition. If you would agree to help my client, he would pay you a 10% consulting fee.
    What is the goal of this type of fraud?
  4. What is phish?
  5. What is Spam?
  6. What is the attachment seen in the image below?
    attachment_virus1 (40K)