Pre-Juniors Quiz Three • Name:

During the spring 2005 term the MS 095 PreAlgebra students in the 2:00 section each counted the number of seats in the FSM China Friendship Sports Center. The exact number of seats has never actually been determined. The blueprints for the building are completely in Chinese. The recreation division has counted the seats each year, and each year they get a different number. When the MS 095 students counted the seats, each student group obtained a different number of seats.

Kevin, Serafin1572
Kiumy, Caroline1151
A-1, Albert1322
Kesarina, Meranda1419
Sylvia, Sedora1291

Use Microsoft Excel to help you calculate the following values. You do not need to type in the names of the students above - just the seat count data.

  1. _________ Determine the count n.
  2. _________ Determine the minimum.
  3. _________ Determine the maximum.
  4. _________ Calculate the range.
  5. _________ Determine the mode.
  6. _________ Determine the median.
  7. _________ Calculate the average (mean).
  8. _________ Calculate the standard deviation.