Kosraean Story

Way back to the Whaler's time there lived a man name Lulu.He was a brave man with a very huge body and a very gigantic arms. He was a very popular and a brave man that couse women back there to fall in love with him. One day whalers came to Kosrae and saw him. They were very admired him. They asked Lulu to go with them to the ocean for capturing whale. Lulu was ofcourse wants to be a whaler so he go out to the ocean with them. When the reached the deep blue sea, men who work at the top of the ship excitinly shouted out said that they sighted a whale. It was the biggest whale they have ever seen. All the whalers from the ship got into small boats and sailed toward the whale.Most of the boats were almost near to the whale, but Lulu's boat was at the back. He stood up infront of the boat and throw his harpoon to the whale. It was almost half a mile was the distance. When he cought the whale, the rope tight to the metal at the top of the harpoon went straight. His boat was now move to the front of the boats. He followed the whale until the whale tired then he and the other whalers put it into the ship. After that he was very known to the whalers.