The Creation of the Lelu Ruin !!!

Because chants were highly spirtual many many years ago, this ruin was once build. It was all alone builted by a powerful men named "Sataf". Sataf and an opponent named "Lupankosreyoal" was once on a competition to use their power of chants and superstitious beliefs to built out somehthing to prove who's better.

Sataf came up with an idea of building something out of basaltic rocks and Lupankosreyoal then came up with limestones to built something out of it. These two both commence their competition at a same place in utwe. They both sing thier way of transfering those stones into their raft. Sataf then carried his stones and sail along the shore from Utwe to Malem to Lelu. But, Lupankosrayoal did sail along the other way which along the shore of Utwe, Tafunsak to Lelu.

Unfortunately, Lupan's raft wrecked along the shore in Walung and he didn't got there on time. So, when he reached Lelu, Sataf was all done with his project and Lupan never being in progress.

It was all being proven who's better as we know about the Lelu ruin and who build that out. It was Sataf who build that out so, he prove himself to be the better and has the stronger spirits and superstitious beliefs.

And that of Lupankosrayoal, his remains of his wreck can stillbe found along the shore of Walung which can still be seen to be a pile of limestones. Unlike Lupan, the image of the Lelu ruin is popular today because he who has proven to be the greatest has successfully did his project without any fault.