There was a story that was told by a father in Utwa. He was at the age of 65 years old telling to the people of Lelu. By that time, he was trying to convince the people of his old stories. One night, all of the people in Lelu started walking down to the dock to hear the story that was first told by this old father. Before the story begins, the people started giving him money. Thatís their entrance fee to hear the story.

Once upon a time, there was a couple who had only one child. He was only three years old. One morning, he wants to go fishing. He always dreamed of becoming a fisherman. As he went down to the river, he carried his back bag. The back was full of food. As he tried to go down further, he accidentally fell off. By that time, there was a huge dangerous crocodile live near that river. By the time he fell off, he saw a huge crocodile coming after him. He swam quickly so that the crocodile wonít bit him. On that first day, he was fortunately not hurt. He went back and told his parents that the fishing was fun and enjoyable. His parents asked him. How many fish did you caught? He replied by saying I think I caught ten. And the father asked him again. Where are they? And the little boy said, oh, I let them go because theyíre still young. He kept telling his parents that the fish he caught was too young. The next day, he asked his parents that he could go again. His parents let him go again. He went to the same old river to see the crocodile again. This day, he didnít bring his back bag. He only carried a stick with him so that he could use the stick to protect him away from the huge crocodile. Fortunately, the crocodile wasnít there on his second day of fishing. He went back, told his parents that the fish were sleeping. Then on the third day of his fishing, he now brought his back again, his stick and including the fishing net. As he tried to reach the bottom of the valley, he saw the huge crocodile again. He grabbed his back, the stick and the fishing net and tried to run as fast as he could. When he first stopped, he saw his parents standing in front of him waiting for him. His parents asked him why he is breathing so faster. He replied by saying,oh nothing i'm just exercising. He kept telling lies to his parents. At night time, he went off again but his parents were asleep. As he tried to go down further, the crocodile saw him and jump up and tried to bit him.

As he grew older, he realized that he have to have a partner with him to go out fishing. Two years later, he found a friend named Moro.He told Moro that his goal is to become a fisherman.Moro replied by saying the same idea.So,at noon,they were planning to go fishing.Moro's friend didn't tell him that there was a huge crocodile at that river. Moro found himself and told him that they can kill the crocodile. The next day, they were making their plan to go again and caught the crocodile and poison him. They finally end up with a good idea. Moro said that he will bring a poison water the next day.As he came the next day,he brought a small bottle in his bag. It contains more poisonous chemicals in it.They brought a spear that contains the poisonous chemical.They went down,making the spear to target his eyes so that the crocodile could die.Moro made an outrageous target that everybody proud of him.They went back,the people in that town made a dinner reception for them for being brave and courageous to kill the dangerous crocodile. Finally,Moro and his friend became the famous fishermen ever.

This is the end of this story.It teaches us how to cope up with two people.Getting good ideas and work together to achieve a good model for us.