Theodore Sigrah was once the manager of Kosrae Ace Hardware. He lived at Lelu.He married to a lady named, Nina Sadago. He had 10 children,7 boys and 3 girls.During his life he was supporting his family to become one of the finest. As a matter of fact, now, his family was one of the finest and richest family in Lelu.He had been supported his family for years.According to Mr.Sigrah's life, he had supported the Ace Hardware.Kosrae Ace Hardware had brought many new technology to our island,Kosrae.As for it sent materials for houses,cars, and other great equipment.One of the thing that he was well known of is, many American said that Mr. Sigrah had helped them very much. He provided them with houses,transportation,local food and other expensive thing that noone can provided.He had two main tasks, he help Kosrae by sending their needs,and he also helped foreiqners on their trip. On May, 31,05, Mr. Sigrah had just passed away due to his illness. But even he died, his bold and unforgetable manner will still exist.

According to Mr.Sigrah's life, he lived at Kalung Lelu in an island called Kosrae. This Island was shaped like a sleeping Lady.It is true that this island was one of the beautiful island in the world.

Theodore's Daughters:

Theodore's Sons:

  1. Smith
  2. Gelly
  3. Honest
  4. Willy
  5. John
  6. Moses
  7. Glenn