Fifty years ago in Kosrae, there was a lady lived in the border of Utwa and Malem . She was very popular for her behavior in lying and cheating. This lady is known as Reko.

Reko was a farmer and she also likes to make handicrafts and sewing. She likes to use make-up and also she is very stylish. Whenever she saw people, she would ask them to buy her crops and also her crafts. When she sells those things, she would told them that it was new, and no one has ever have them. But when people bought those things, they will found some holes in those things, the items doesn't looks and smells good.The y were used items and she stoled them.

Those people were cheated by that lady Reko. So, nowadays whenever a person does something bad to someone, cheated or tell lies to someone, that person will told not to act like Reko, and also if someone likes to used makeups and likes to make style they will be called Reko.