Insapsaple a Suparea

Insapsaple ac Suparea was a brother who lived with their mother but had an unknown father. They lived at Utwe, one of the village of Kosrae. One day their mother decided to go out fishing. The two children decided to join her. They altogether went down to the beach. Once they reach there the mother told them to stay and wait for her. She was the only one will go fishing. The brother waited for her beside a big rock. The mother went out for a long time because she forgot that her boys had joined her. When she remembered it she quickly turned around and headed to the shore. When she finally reached there the two boys were gone. They were hidden by a big rock. It occured by a huge wave that appeared to them and turned the rock ahead of them. The mother started calling their names, Insapsaple a Suparea many times. Her kids heard her and replied her by calling her mom. The mother went and sat beside the rock crying and asking what was happening. The children didn't know. She sat there for a long time crying. When the tide became higher the children told the mother that the water was on their stomach and to the shoulder until they couldn't say a word. The only sound that the mother heard at last was the blurbing sound of the water. From this legend of Kosrae I didn't know wether the mother stayed there and cried until she died or what.

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