The Six Brothers

Once upon a time, there was a couple who lived near a beach in Walung, who had six kids.All of the kids were boys, and the youngest one was Nena.He loved to play with his five brothers even though he was too small.His brothers loved him that they treated him well.They would play al day long until dawn.

One day, their father built them a boat and told them that they could row as long as they liked.The only thing he warned them was not to go to the tree where the sharks stayed.

One day, the mother got sick and died.The kids and father were very sad.It took them a long time to start again.After few months later, the father married to a woman from the other village.The step-mother was very different from the kid's real mother.She didn't like them, but she never yelled at them if their father was there.The brothers were even afraid to tell their father about how their step-mother treated them.The step-mother didn't like the brothers to make noisy sounds.She didn't want them to play when she sewed local purse or bags.She would make them work all day.

One day,after the father went to work,the kids played around with a ball.One of the brothers accidentally kicked a ball that hit and destroyed one of the step-mother's purse.She got mad and losed her mind.She destroyed the ball,and told the boys to dig up their mother's head and played with it.

After the kid's heard what their new mother said, they god mad and went to the beach.They stayed at the beach and cried all afternoon.They finally decided that they would killed themsef so they could run away from their bad mother.They got into their boat and rowed to the place where the sharks stayed.

Few minutes after they left, their father came back from work and asked for them.The mother said that they went to the beach so he went to check them.When he got to the beach, he saw his kids rowing to the danger side.He ran to his boat and rowed quickly to save them.He knew that something was wrong because that was the first time they disobeyed him.

By the time the father was rowing, the kids climbed the tree and one by one starting from the oldest to the youngest, they jumped into the shark's cave.The father saw all this things that he cried and started to row even faster.Nena was the last to jump.While he was half way down, the father caught him and bring him to boat. Nena cried and told his father to release him so he could die with his brothers and go to their real mother. The father asked him why they did this so Nena told him all about how their step-mother treated them and what she said about their mother.The father got sad and mad at the same time.He took his last son with him and together they went home.They told their bad mother to leave them immediately.The father and Nena stayed at their house crying all night till morning.This was a very sad day for a both of them.