The Sleeping Lady

If you look at the mountain in the Kosrae Island, you can see that it creates something. It looks like a woman. There are a lot of stories told about this mountain but the one I've heard from my grandmother is what i'm going to tell you.

One night, my grandmother and I are in her room, telling old stories that had happen in this island. She's now start telling me the story. Here it goes.

Once upon a time, there once was a beautiful and a very nice woman living on the island of Kosrae. She was a loving and caring woman. She had a very lovely face and she's very kind to everyone she met. Once day, she walked up on the road and looked up at the mountain. She then told herself that she will have a little trip to that mountain. She then climbed up the mountain and start he long journey. She really had a long journey on this mountain. After a long journey up in the mountain, she died and formed the mountain looked like a woman. That's why we called it the "Island of Sleeping Lady."

There is a little description on this mountain.Her hair spread on the Tafunsak side that's why most of the girls in Tafunsak have long hairs. Her face lies on the Lelu harbor that's why the people in Lelu are so pretty in looking. Her shoulder down to her hips lies on the Malem side that's why the people in Malem have big boobs and good looking thighs. Her feet lies on the Utwe sides which represents their long and wide feet. She also had four children, two girl and two boys. They said that she told her children to spread up to the islands. They were all living on the Lelu harbor and she start sending her children to all of the other three harbors. She told the oldest boy to go to Tafunsak, that's why there are a lot of older people in Tafunsak. She told her older beautiful daughter to go to Malem. As she went there, she stay there that's why all the girls there are beautiful. She then sent the younger daughter to go to Utwe. As she reached the Utwe harbor, she sings all day and that's why all the people in Utwe loves to sing and they are good singers. Finally, she told her younger son to stay with her in the Lelu harbor, that's why most of the young boys in Lelu are so good looking and beautiful as you can see all around you.

This is the end of the story and hope you had a fun time reading it. I really love this story because it tells us the things we, each harbor represents from the Sleeping Lady and her four children.

Beverlyn Nena