Thurston K. Siba

Thurston K. Siba was born into a family of nine sisters to Mr. Kilafakun Siba and Evelyn Siba on July 28,1937. Thurston Siba at the age of 6 lost his mother during the II World War but was raised by his father and his nine sisters.

In 1946 Thurston K. Siba enrolled at Lelu Elementary School and was graduated in 1953 where he was selected and sent to Pohnpei to attend Ponape Intermediate school. He graduated at Ponape Intermediate School in 1957 and went further to attend Pacific Island Central School (PICS) at Chuuk, which was later relocated to Kolonia Pohnpei.

Thurston K. Siba was graduated at Pacific Island Central School (PICS) in 1961 and was immediately hired to teach Science at Kosrae High School which was then located at Yekula, Tafunsak Municipality.

In 1962 Thurston K. Siba won a Trust Territory Scholarship to study at the University of Guam (College of Guam) majored in Education. In 1964 Thurston K. Siba returned home to teach again at Kosrae High School.

In 1967-1980 Thurston K. Siba was hired for a Postmaster position at Kosrae U.S. Postal Service, during this time he picked up accounting and business management short term courses at institutions in Guam and Hawaii.

In 1981 Thurston K. Siba was elected representing Lelu Municipality in the Kosrae State Legislature to became Chairman of Ways & Means Committee. Also elected Speaker of Kosrae State Legislature from 1982-1990. In 1984 Thurston K. Siba was also elected member of the 1st Kosrae Constitutional Convention where he became vice President of the Convention.

In 1990 Thurston K. Siba was elected Governor of Kosrae State, FSM, serving the term from 1991-1995. Decided not to seek his second term of the governorship, he elected once again for a seat in the legislature, serving from 1995-2002. Mr. Siba was also elected President of Association of Pacific Island Legislature (APIL) in 1996-1999 two years.

Mr. Siba ended his political currier in 2002 when he decided to retire.

Thurston K. Siba’s private lives include his active member of Kosrae Congregational Church began in 1980-1984 where he was elected president of Lelu Christian Endeavor (Etawi) and in 1986 elected President of Kosrae Island Christian Endeavor (Etawi All).

In 1997 Thurston K. Siba was tasked to supervise a constuction project, extending Lelu Church building at its width, which completed later part of 1997. Mr. Siba has also been appointed one of the seven Deacons of Lelu Congregational Church.

Another very important life’s activity of Mr. Siba includes his family businesses. Having seven sons and two daughters, he runs a mid size family business, starting way back from 1968 to present. Started with a canteen store adjacent to a billiard hall, which eventually developed to a level where it currently stands.

This business included Import & Export, Wholesaling and Retailing of local and general merchandise, manufacturing of Hollow Blocks, Construction and etc. Mr. Siba is a prominent Businessman of Kosrae. He is in his late sixties doing his hobby as a farmer for exercises and to keep him healthy.