"Story at Wot, Walung"

There's a brother lived at a place called Walung.Their names are Tuhrei and Tuhrea.They liked to eat breadfriut. They were so kind and they also helped each other.

One day,they were planning to go to the jungle at Wot to get some bread fruits. As they walked to the jungle, they stopped at an area located beside the shore and took some rests. They looked at the sea water and Tuhrei said," I wanted to eat one of the fish at the ocean" and Tuhrea said" Hey, not a fish. I wanted to eat one of the ghosts' eyes". They finished their relaxation, so they started walked to the place where they had to get the breadfruits. They went there and climbed up the breadfruits. Tuhrei got down first and started walked to their house. Tuhrea got down after him and started tying the breadfruit to a stick. He put the breadfruit on his breadfruit on his shoulder and walked after his brother. As he walked to his place,the stick that attached to the breadfruit was broke. He sat down and tying up the breadfruits again. He tied them until it's getting dark. The birds already made noises or sounds. He saw that it was getting dark, so he just slept there beside a tree. As he slept, the ghosts came along and sang this song"Tuhrei Tuhrea muta uten wot srunga mongo ik, lungse mongo atron mutun inut... Tuhrei Tuhrea." The ghosts walked and simultaneously sang the song and lifted Tuhrea to a raft and took him. As they took him, he felt himself that he was on top of something, so he just got up and held a branch and jumped off. The ghosts didn't see what's happening, they just kept walking and sang the same song. They stopped and got the raft down and they realized that there's no Tuhrea on the raft. Tuhrea ran off quickly to his brother. So they lived happily after.

Because of this story, there were many breadfruit trees at Ne Wot. Tuhrei and Tuhrea ate breadfruits first at the early time then the people started eating bread fruits after them.