The Sleeping Lady of Kosrae

At the beginning of the time the powerful God plan to create a mountain in to a shape of a man. Later they thought that if they create it in to the shape of a man, it wouldn't produce seeds known as people. So they create it in to the shape of a woman. The legend said that she was menstruation by that time and today there would be a deep jungle between her tighs. The Kosraen men use to fetch thier conoes but only the brave man can go there.

The woman have two sons and one daughter. she told her children that if she died, the oldest son was to go and stay in Lelu. The word Lelu means lake. The second older son was to go and stay in Tafunsak, the word Tafunsak means half wood and half human and her daughter was to stay in Malem and if she have child, he or she will go and stay in Utwe. The word Utwe means where things come from or next producing seed and the word Malem means the first lady.

So after the mother died, all her children got married and distributed to the four villages in Kosrae. This is the story about the sleeping lady of Kosrae. That's what create the island of the sleping lady.