The Crying Baby

Long, long ago when there was the old school in Walung.People from different villages came to this place to attain education.Among them was a young lady who was attending the school. One day she found out that she was pregnant. Since back then Kosraeans were very strict and religious, it was very hard for her so she tried her best to hide the fact that she was pregnant.

Eight months had passed by and it was nearly time for the baby to come. No matter how difficult it was for her , she kept on attending school.She was in the middle of a class when the pain started. She just put everything down and hurried outside and went to the bushes. After long hours of pain, she finally gave birth.Guess what? She just left the baby behind. The baby cried and cried until it died.It is being said that if it is raining really hard, the sound of a baby crying could still be heard.