Simon, Thomas, and Nena!

During the time of King George II, there lived three men by the name of Simon, Thomas, and Nena. They were considered to be the strongest men in Kosrae, in which they were always undefeated in every fighting. But, the strongest and the most cruel men among the three was Simon in which sometimes he ignored the King's rule that one day King George II sent him away to Papua New Guinea where cannibal was famous. Simon spent his life in PNG as a worker in the field along with other workers. Then one day, he sets a plan with the other workers. The plan was to killed all the guards around that area in order for him to go back to Kosrae and luckily they made that plan.

For a long time, Simon has always wanted to killed the King. As he landed Kosrae, the first thing in his mind was to killed the King as a revenge of senting him to PNG. As soon as he reached Kosrae, he had learned that the King died in which there was no time to kill him, but Simon was still considered the bravest men in Kosrae.