Insaru's Guardians

Long ago, the elders believed that there were three ghosts watching over Insaru, the place I grew up at. They do not know why they lived there or how they ended up there, but they knew that they lived there as if it's their home. There were three of them: one is white, one is short, and the last one is tall and broad. They do not appreciate it when outsiders yell, shout, or curse there. They were known to be the three ghosts who acted as Insaru's guardians.

During that time, people used to make their own salt by boiling the saltwater. One day, a man named Likiaklik, who lived in Soansak-a place near Insaru-needs some woods for boiling the salt. He couldn't find any woods so he went to Insaru and got the woods that were used to build the "bokongo" there. He got the woods and used it to boil the saltwater. That same evening, he three ghosts went to visit him. They climbed up to his roof and let their pupils and tongues fall unto him. He was so scared that he shouts, yelled, and cried out as if in pain. The people around that place gathered and try to hold him and comfort him. They didn't know why he was acting the way he did for they cannot see the ghosts-only he can see them. So the next day, he packed his bags and left.

People during that time knew about the ghosts and never curse or shout when they went to Insaru. The same three ghosts visited other people who did things that they didn't allow. A source said that whenever my grandmother disagreed with something that someone does, then some unwelcome things are likely to happen to that person. That is why if you're not from Insaru, then you should be careful about what you do or say when you're there. The three ghosts seemed to disappear, but one never knows when they'll return.