My unique story

Among thousands of the hardiest and strong men during more than a couple of decades ago, there was always known to be a distinctively sturdy man among all stubborn people. There was this one time when a friend of his named, Royal Gifford, a very successful foreigner was surrounded by forceful and dangerous people that approached him and disliked how strange he was. These people had nothing else in mind but to torture him in every way. Royal Gifford, however, was totally petrified when these guys pulled him out from his motorcycle. For a moment there, Royal Gifford was already committing his own death. That's when this mighty human figure appeared from behind with another motorcycle. When finally these approachers took a glance at this mighty, dark-brown person, they quickly turned to him and surrounded him.

From his big chest, he bumped into his front where someone tumbled and rolled on the muddy ground. While this huge body was rolling, it accidentally had two other offenders on the ground. By this moment, many civilians broke out from their houses and from their sleep for a stare at what was happening during that midnight. With this mighty mans muscled legs and angles, he kicked another guy in the nuts. Over and over again, he beat 14 people without a single scratch or injury. Still, he wanted to fight but these guys ran away as quickly as they could while they had their chance and never again bother the friend, mr. Gifford. This mighty helper is known as mr. Shrew Jonas. Because of all his help and friendships toward mr. Gifford, they both contributed to make a scholarship fund for students in vacational educations.