Goddess Sinlaku

In the ancient times of Kosrae, there was a goddess named Sinlaku. Sinlaku lived in a remote section in Utwe called Menka. Within her dwelling place, there was a place to worship. This was easily seen by the way the Basalt rock were arranged. The arrangement of rocks within this dweeling served different purposes.

There was a place for social gathiereing and a place for sleeping. There also was a place thath was used only by the goddess Sinlaku.According to many stories about this goddess, she had a prophet named Sikaus.In addition to being a prophet, Sikaus had also been resposibled for doing all those that were needed to be done in the house of Sinlaku.Sinlaku and Sikaus were spirits of strong powers.They could not been seen as visible by the people.

The people in the past had asked the two spirits to grant them their needs. The spirits had always provided the need which werer asked of them. However, they werer unable to provide for those needs during th daytime. They could only provide the people need at nighttime. They even provided tobacco for th smokers during tobacco blight.These tow spirits disappeared when christianity was brought to Kosrae. Prophet sikaus had revealed to many people ahead of time about their disappearance. He told the people thath they would not be able to live in Kosrae anymore because they were afraid of the people who would introduce christianity.