There is a place at tafunsak which is known for a srohsrohk's home. Srohsrohk was known as the killer of pass by warrior's and people from walung during the old times. As it was told to me by a couple of Kosraens, srohsrohk was a pretty selfish creature. He often sink any pass by canoe's and kill the crew on the canoes. For a long time of the cruel acts of the srohsrohk people suddenly brought up ideas that could help get rid of the problems that are caused by the srohsrohk.

It was so long until the srohsrohk life end. People and warrior's tried many ideas that could end the srohsrohk's life. Punch of people risk their life's to help figure out ways to kill the srohsrohk and failed. Ideas of killing the srohsrohk kept changing until the best one was in action and of course did worked out. A group of fishermen's let the srohsrohk followed their canoes in a direction leading to the deep waters where the srohsrohk was greatly swollowed by a fish. Life after the srohsrohk was different and peaceful. The srohsrohk story is a known accomplishment for the ancient fishermen's.