Once upon a time, there lived a small family of three in a small piece of land called Utwe mah in Utwe Village. One day the mother asked her two sons to come with her fishing. The two boys agreed and they were on their way. It was rainy so hard that the mother put the two boys under a big white rock. At one side of the rock was a hole, big enough to shelter the boys during the rain.

The boys settled in the rock while their mother went further away. As the tide started to come in, she the mother started backing up her fishing stuffs to head back to the rock where the the boys were waiting.

The tide rushed in too fast that the water covered the opening where the boys entered in and their mother did not have a chance to pull them out. She had trie to reach there but could not.All she could do was asking them where the water was on them. They responded her each time she asked. Each time she asked the question, the tide keep moving up. In a short time the boys could not responed her anymore because the water filled up the hole, thats means they were dead. The rock is still standing there seperated from any other at the place. It is easy to locate it. It is the only rockof its size at the location.