How Lelu Island Formed

The Origin Of Lelu Island

Long time ago, there lived a woman on the island of Kosrae. She is a very poor woman. She is kind and humorous. Because she is very poor, she always went into the sea to look for food, such as fish, turtles, etc. One day, she went into the ocean to catch some fish for her. As she was in the sea, she saw something very large that lies in the ocean. She was scared but she went closer to see what it was. As she was closer to it, she realized that it was a whale. She then forgets about her fishing. She started to tie the whale to the ocean. As she was finished tying the whale, she went back to her house. On the night, a strong wind came and took her somewhere else. The whale she tied became part of the land. That is why Lelu formed the shape of a whale.