A Mother Whale and Her Daughter

Long time ago in the times of the kings and queens, the king of Kosrae was having a tour around his island. On his trip, he found a beautiful girl. She was so beautiful that the king told his guards to pick her up and take her with them.

When they returned to the king's palace, the king immediately married the girl and ordered a wedding feast. By that time, the king stationed at a place in Walung called Sack. He lived close to the ocean. He also had houses up in the mountain. Some times he would go up to the mountain with all his people to hunt or to check his upper place.

One day the king's men caught a whale and they killed it. The whale was the mother of the girl that the king had married. The girl heard about the whale and she hurriedly came down to see it. When she got there, the people had already eaten the whale. She asked for some left-overs of the whale, but there was none. So she went and scooped up some the whale's blood and saved for herself. Later, the blood began to to take form and returned to a little whale. The daughter of the whale hide the young whale and secretly fed her until she became a huge whale.

One day, the whale told her daughter to asked the king to go up to the upper palace. The daughter immediately asked the king to take all his people to the mountain, and the king did as he was being asked. The daughter went to the beach and broke a hole in every canoe, except a small one. After the king learned about this, he searched for the girl but couldn't find her. He ordered his men to find and one of his magician told him that she was leaving with her mother, the whale. The king ordered his men to follow the whale and her daughter but they found the canoes were in bad condition. The king pulled down the canoe that wasn't broke and took his strongest man with the magician. They followed the whale until they reached them. The mother whale told her daughter to tell the king to row to her mouth, not to her tail. The king thought the whale was creedy it would swallow them, so he row toward her tail. The whale was so furious because the king didn't listen to her that she raised her tail and smashed the canoe with the king and his two men.