How Breadfruit Came to Kosrae

The story is about Kol and Nikol. Kol lived with his wife, Nikol, in Utwe. One day Kol went to the mountain to look for wild taro and yam. While he was away, a strong wind came and blew Nikol and the house far to the west to an unknown island.

There were lots of breadfruit trees there. Nikol gathered many kinds of breadfruit roots, wrapped them in a mat, and sent them in a canoe during the night. There were nine people in a canoe.

When they arrived in Utwe harbor during the night it was raining so hard they couln't find the Utwe river Nikol had sent them to, so they simply threw the roots in the water and sailed back. When Nikol returned she found the roots, still wrapped up in the mat and distributed them to the people to plant.

However, only one survived and bore fruit. All the kinds of breadfruit came from this one tree. From this tree, the seedling were spread all around the island of Kosrae.