Taulung Srolot

During 1940's, there lived an old man who lived at Walung with his wife and five children. During his whole life, he had a kind of thing that we the Kosraean people called "srolot" all over his body.Because of that,the Kosraean people called him Taulung Srolot.

Like I mentioned above , this old man was married to a woman called Sra and they were blessed with five children. Four boys and one girl and they named her Sununku. As for the boys, their names were Alik Leahp, Jacob, Esau (a twin) and Kun . Among these four brothers, it was Alik who inherited the "srolot".

Nowadays, many people still called us Taulung Srolot which I didn't even cared about because it was only my great,great grandfather who had the "Srolot".