Bully but Defeated.

Once there was a great whalers-ship that dock on the small island of Kosrae that lead foreingers to offboard the ship. One of the new commers was a man known as Goostuff. As they do a tour around the island, he decided to stay in Utwe.

Few years later after the ship left, he married a young lady name Kenye. They got married and went to Isra to settle there with a baby on the way. After the baby little Jr.Goostuff was born, his wife Kenye becane to change because almost everyday, Goostuff have to beat her. He kep't on beating her everyday that leads his wife to a painful dead leaving Goostuff and his son alone for the upcomming years.

As little Junior was all grown up, Goostuff takes him where-ever he goes, in the mountains or even in the forest. Goostuff claim that all of Isra belongs to him. He never let anyone enter Isra eventough the land belongs to them. If he want something from his neighbors , he wil just crap it and leave.He once hit an oldman by the neck inorder to have all the stuffs in the old-man's um.

One Friday, Makoto and Kaspar went to Isra to sukanum. They ended up meeting Goostuff at the wrong place at the wrong time. Goostuff ordered them to leave but Makoto argued back cuz it was there land and they have the wright to take what ever they want. Goostuff was going to shoot him by a shot gun but, Makoto was also holding a spear. Goostuff lay back and let Makoto leave. They fought the next day and Goostuff lost big time.

From that they on, people from the town can visit there place and as for Goostuff and his son, they went back to their native land. His son grew up to be a captain and trasfered to the U.S Armed forces.