benjamin g. j.


Not very long ago, probably during the Japanese administration in Kosrae, there lived a very brave man named, Simon. He's not only brave, but also he had a very bad attitude with no respect to anyone on the island even to the high ranking... the king.

Things were getting tough on the island and Simon cannot stand the king's cruel and selfish order. Nothing is good under King Awane Sa II's ruling. Most people on the island were against the king, especially the big three commoners and heroes who saved generations today Fafa, Ino, and the worst, SIMON. Almost all have the same attitude, but Simon is a monsterous guy to deal with. The king cannot deal with these three, so he decided to eliminate them or even to exile them from the island. He then send his guards to locate these three and send them far far away where they could never come back. Each then send to three different location where they could never come back. Simon was send to the worst island in the Pacific known as the New Guinea where people were cannibals. Simon was a stubborn guy and there he formed a rebel against the prison of the New Guinea island. He then manage to escape on a ship back to Kosrae. He promised the king before he was exiled from Kosrae that one day he will come back with full revenge and that he will have his head. Fortunately, Simon reach Kosrae and immediately he went to the king's palace at Lelu. Unfortunately, he couldn't finished the revenge he came for. The irony is that the king past away just the day before and for this Simon was so angry even before. Thanks to our heroes for they saved our generations today for not having kings around. What if we still have kings and queens on our back!!!!! NO ! Never!