The Whale And Her Daughter

In the olden times, there was once a very huge whale that lived on the shores of Lelu. This whale had a very beautiful daughter but nobody know this because they had never seen the whale. One day, when the daughter was swimming on the shore, the king and his warriors saw her and kidnapped her. The king then married the girl.

When the whale return and find her daughter missing, she swim to all the shores of Kosrae looking for her daughter. She finally found her at the kings home on the Lelu Island. When the king and his warriors saw her, they capture and put her in a hut to kill her. The daufhter saw this and told the king that this was her mother so the king didnot kill it.

One day, when the daughter was away at the shore, the king got curios and went to peek in on the mother whale. When the king tried to peek in, the whale told him to go peek in on his own ass. The king got angry and ordered his men to burn down the whale. Meanwhile, the daughter was still bathing when a ash fell on her arm. In that moment she knew that her mother was death. so she ran to the still burning hut and jump in and died with her mother. The king tried to save her but was too late. He regretted ever killing the whale which led to the death of his wife and this is the end of the story.