Sam Esau

P.O. Box 275

Tofol, Kosrae

FM 96944

Tel. (691) 370-6969


Educational Background

Kosrae High School-Kosrae High School Diploma

June 2002

Lelu Elementary School-Certificate of Graduation

June 1999

Gate Program-Certificate of Completion

June 1999

Kosrae High School-certificate of Achievement

June 2002

UB Program-Certificate of Completion

June 2002

Work History

Work Study Intern at the Continental Micronesia

Dec 2001-May 2002


Educational Goals

Attend College of Micronesia-Kosrae Campus in fall 2002

After getting an AS, go to College of Micronesia National Campus to get a BA

After College of Micronesia National Campus, Iíll further my education on a bigger university

Career Goals