Hannah Isaac

P.O. Box 391

Kosrae FM 96944

Tel: (691) 370- 2909

Email: haisaac @ yahoo.com



Educational Background

     Achieve a Certificate of Appreciation for math meet.

     Certificate of Completion for Gate Program June1998

     Certificate of Acceptance from the Chaminade University May 2002

     Certificate of Completion for Upward Bound Program

     Certificate of Graduation from the 9th grade at Sansrik Elementary School

June 1999

     Kosrae High School Diploma June 11, 2002

     From June 13,2002 until present, I am attending the Upward Bound Program summer bridge at COM, Kosrae Campus.


Work History

     I participated in the Work Study Intern. at the Division of Finance from Dec. 2001 to May 2002. I did accounting, bookkeeping, inputting entries into the computer database, compute JV (Journal Vouchers), preparing and inputting cash receipt, etc.



Educational Goals

     I wish to attend the College of Micronesia, Kosrae Campus on my first semester.


     After this coming fall, I plan to move to KCC (Kapuale Community College) in Honolulu.


     I hope that after achieving my first degree in accounting, Iíll then move to Chaminade University.



Career Goals


      I want to become an accountant someday in my life.