Frida Allen

P.O.Box 672

Kosrae FM, 96944


*Attended SDA school from (1990-1993)

*Attended GATE program (April,1999)

*Graduate from TES with a certificate(June 1999)

*Attend Kosrae High School (Auq.1999-2002)

-participant in the Upward Bound program (Auq. 1999-June 2002)

-graduate from High School with a Diploma (June 2002)

*career work-study at Continental Air mic.(Dec.2001-May 2002)

=assist customers to checked in

=input monthly records into the computer

*attent COM-FSM Kosrae campus for one year

*transfer to University of Hawaii at Hilo for my AS Degree

*another two years for my master degree

*transfer to Japan to study Language

*become an accountant