Arnold v.benjamin

P.O.Box 784

Tofol, Kosrae FM 96944

Educational Background

August 1990-June 1999- Graduated from Utwe elementary school on June 17, 1999 with a certificate.

September 1999- June 2002- Graduated from Kosrae High school on June 11,2002 with a diploma.

May 1999- selected as participant for Kosrae Upward Bound.

June 13- present- attended the upward bound Summer Bridge at college of Micronesia Kosrae campus.

Work History

December 2001-May 2002- work-study intern for the Kosrae state court. I do filing, hearing court cases, services.

Educational Goal

I wish to attend the Palau community college in this fall 2002.


Carrier Goal

- Teacher