MSS February 2000 Monthly Report

Last edited: 02 March 2000

Weather and Climate

Instruction continues in this course. The students have taken on field trip to the computer laboratory to access web pages on tornadoes. A number of students submitted their first paper by attaching their work to an email.



The Chemistry CDROMs quote came in and the purchase order was prepared and passed along for authorization.

Anatomy and Physiology

A quote has recently been received for this software. A purchase order must now be prepared.

Marine Biology

A purchase order went out for the software Brian Lynch requested.


A textbook was located which provides for web and CD support. An examination copy was requested.

Physical Science

Software support for this course has yet to be ordered. I will be covering this course for Hazel Kurapati during her absence. Ms. Kurapati will leaving for the Philippines on the 7th of March. She will be accompanying her husband who is travelling on a medical referal.


No direct work has been done on mathematics at the College during the month of February. The Title III five year plan does not directly call for work on mathematics during year five. This year is to be devoted to support for science.

Training, Assistance, and Support

During March I continued to assist students in the A204 computer laboratory both with computer problems and with academic issues. Students having difficulty with MSIE and its interactions with WebMail continue to be a part of my workload. Some computers seem to behave better with WebMail. A couple lab computers now are using NetScape to provide a less error-filled WebMail experience.

On 02 February I assisted Greg Myers for two hours in OAR with the IPEDS report. Following this I worked with Patricia on changes to the registration status flag that the year 2000 engendered.

I successfully wrestled some of the computers in the F105 office into printing to the new network printer in F105.

I worked for two hours with Melanie Lee's special education instructors in A204. We were trying to sign these students up for Hotmail, few, if any, had ever previously used a computer.

During February I often provided "instant assistance" to people such as Spensin James and other administrators. These are instances where I get a phone call and the person needs help in accomplishing some single task. I usually walk over and show them how to accomplish whatever it is they are trying to get done. Most of this assistance requires no more than 15 minutes of my time.

I began to assist Joe Saimon, of AV, in a variety of areas. One of our first sessions had a look at the capabilities of the Destination computer unit in the A204 computer laboratory.

I covered Hazel's Physical Science class for a day. I will be picking the class back up on the 7th of March.

I assisted in arranging having Ms. Shirley Wood conduct a staff development session for the secretaries at the College.

Preparation began for the 17 March workshops which I will be running.

Lab Matters

A204-26 was returned from repair and brought back onto the Internet. A204-23 was reconnected to the Internet. A204-05 and A204-18 had Netscape Navigator installed and were connected to the Internet. At last count roughly 22 computers were capable of connecting to the Internet.


During February I continued to support Morgan Solomon at Olter High. In late February I provided joint assistance to Morgan and to the Principal, Solpisio Salvador.


Work on the events table has yet to be completed. 

During February, and continuing into March, I provided assistance on pulling retention and instructor to student ratio information from BETTYbase (Better Enrollment Tracking TechnologY database) for Gregg Myers, Spensin James, and Joe Habuchmai.


I have participated in meetings concerning P. auritum, the false sakau that is locally known as false sakau. Information gathered by the team, including myself, during February indicates that this plant may be the single greatest threat to Pohnpeian culture in the history of Pohnpei. This plant grows where sakau grows, grows bigger, grows faster, and is spread by birds and bats. Hawaii is trying to eradicate this plant with mixed success. P. auritum has the potential to wipe out all sakau on the island, which would destroy Pohnpeians ability to carry out ceremonies dependent on sakau.


I continue to participate actively in the Landscaping effort. On three Thursdays in February I went into the field with Kim Andon and Jazmin Gonzales to assist in plant selection and collection. I continue to participate in the Tuesday morning meetings. I also have spoken with the President on a couple occasions, providing an informal direct communication conduit between the Landscaping crew and her office.

On two occasions the collection effort might have been delayed by a week without my participation. On these two occasions I was the only person available to drive the landscaping truck down to Kolonia from the COM-FSM campus on a scheduled Thursday collection day. As a result I learned to drive a "reversed" Japanese truck stick shift. In this shift system reverse is towards the front of the truck with first gear being towards the back of the truck. I view piloting the truck as a new skill gained.


Transition Issues

Skills Self-Development

I attended the WESTOP conference and received some professional development therein.

I learned about the local trees and plants kalak, iuiu, kehnpwil, aiau, ais, and sadak on 08 February 2000.

Personal Health

My year 2000 goal of being able to run three nine milers in one week was realized in the last week of February when I ran on a Tuesday, Thursday, and a Friday. The Tuesday Thursday road runners increased by 50% with the addition of Ellie Seats to the running crew.

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