Pteris vittata


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Identification by: Piyak Suksat

Originally thought by Lee Ling to be a Nephrolepis fern. Correction by Piyak Suksat came via a brief but informative email. Thanks!

The Nephrolepis ferns are also known as the sword ferns.

Fronds pendulous, sori in a band at pinnae margins; epiphyte: N. acutifolia
Fronds not pendulous, sori discrete; typically terrestrial
Sunny sites; fronds less than 30 cm long, erect; stipe-rachis hairy
  Sori in orderly rows on pinnae margins; limestone: N. hirsutula
  Sori irregularly scattered; volcanic clays: N. multiflora
Shaded sites; frond longer than 50 cm; stipe glossy, sori well in from pinna margin: N. biserrata

rehdil: Terrestrial fern with glossy stipe and rachis. Sori indusia on pinnae margin.   Identified as N. hirsutula in Tuhke en Pohnpei.  Identified as N. acutifolia in Raynor's flora spreadsheet.  Work remains to be done...

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