Davallia solida (tentative)

[rabbit_frondlet.jpg (65066 bytes)]

[rabbit01.jpg (16007 bytes)][rabbitsori.jpg (12634 bytes)]

[rabbit200.jpg (19226 bytes)][rabbit_sporangia_empty.jpg (19279 bytes)]

Probably incorrectly labelled Ulung en kieil (Phymatosorus scolopendria) in both Tuhke en Pohnpei and the flora list that originated with Bill Raynor.  Commonly found growing with Ulung en kieil. Actual name to be determined.  Using Ferns and Orchids of the Mariana Islands (Raulerson and Rinehart) and Ferns of the Tropics (Wee Yeeow Chin), I'm not yet convinced this is D. solida.   It almost looks more like D. denticulata, especially in the pinna tips just beyond the sori, there is a "double tip" structure that I don't see in the single solida shot in Raulerson.  Possibly environmental or something.

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