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8/29/2005 6:33 PM Canida Sultan, alumni of COM-FSM. Graduated in Fall 2002, my major back at COM-FSM was Accounting and am now studying in Hawaii at UH-Manoa in Travel Industry. I want to encourage the students at our beautiful College back there to work hard and never quit on what you are aiming for. One road always leads to another. I wish you luck on our studies and be the future pillars of our nation. You go SHARKS-COM the Best! Kaselehlie and Keep up the Good Work.

3/30/2005 4:56 PM Kenye Belcourt wrote: I have relocated with my husband and three kids to Las Vegas. I work part time at the public library here. There are just a few Micronesians here.

3/25/2005 10:39 PM Meeyoung A. Kim Biza wrote: Graduated from COM-FSM in Spring 2003 with an Associate's Degree in Accounting. Now a Senior currently enrolled at University of Phoenix- Sacramento,CA Campus working toward my Bachelor's Degree in Business Management. Married as of 2004 with no children to Ivan Dee Biza). "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door." --Milton Berle.

Pressler Martin Monday, March 21, 2005. Graduated from College of Micronesia with my Associate of Art in Liberal Arts/Education (Fall 2002). Graduated with my Third year certificate in Elementary Education (fall 2003) Now I am continuing with my Major (Elementary Education emphasizing in math) at Park University, Missouri. This is my second semester here at Park and everything is kewl so far. I took child psychology, statistic, social psychology, School as a Social system, Issues in Diversity, Creative Drama, technology in Education and NOW I am taking Microeconomic, Intro to Music, Modern Grammar, Personal and Community Health. Special Thanx to all teacher at COM-FSM for helping me out for three years. Special Thanx Susan Moses, Magdalena Hallers, Harvey Segal, Paul Gallen, and all Education Department teachers for all of your supports and encouragements. My email address is pls feel free to email me. If you would like to come to Park University, email me and I can help you with some informations you might wanna know. Kaselel kumwail koaros.. erehr oh masakala dalahr...

3/11/2005 9:41 PM Hi there, left COM in 1996, I'm Inoke Ferdinand residing on Saipan working as a Firefighter/EMT also in the Army Reserve unit as Infantry and now deploy to Iraq. It will be nice to recieve e-mail from you or whoever remember me. my e-mail address is

3/10/2005 6:29 PMJody Benjamin wrote: Hey there people!! I graduated from COM with a 3rd Yr. Cert. in Accounting in Spring '04, I am now enrolled @ Chaminade University hoping to get my B.S. soon (really soon). I just wanted to hollah at you COMers back there to keep striving... It's true, Jazmine's HCOP study hour really does pay-off... eheheh... HCOPers, don't giv mama Jaz a hard time, she's had enough from us already! As if anybody reads these anyways, hopefully you do... I had to work with this last summer and hey, everyone's gottah keep in touch!! Laters Sharks! Go Sharks! It's more like Silverswords now, but I still got some Shark-Pride in me... yeah... BITE! Nah, more like friendly SHARKS!!

06 March 2005 1:56 A.M. Juliet Obed celebrated the arrival of Carlos Diondrea Bryant II!
6 lbs and 11 ounces

2/3/5: Berney Salomon wrote: I would just like to encourage the students to keep on working hard at COM. They should also be thankful that we have a college that can prepare us on moving or continuing on our goals to other colleges or universities. That is all, and Kalangan.


Joe Habuchmai: 21 October. I graduated from the old Community College of Micronesia in the heart of Kolonia during the old days from 1975 to 1977 with my A.S. Degree in Elementary Education, later obtain my Bachelor's of Science in Elem. Education and my Masters in Education from Concordia Teachers College now called Concordia University in Lincoln, Nebraska. I'm currently working in Yap State my home state for the Government as a janitor in the Governor's office. I'm married with three kids. [Editor's note: The Honorable Joe Habuchmai is the Lieutenant Governor of Yap State.]

Gina Marie Tobin: 10 October. I am taking four classes [at UH Manoa] this semester: Biology 171 w/lab, Chemistry 161 w/lab, Art 101, and World History w/lab. ... Students are very competitive here. ... I see Resel, Daisy, and Rosa every day. ... I feel that the bio and chem courses that I took from Dr. Buden and Dr. Anca Dema are really helping me out now that I'm taking more detailed and information packed bio and chem courses.

LJ Rayphand: Ran Annim! Right now, I am in my last year working MA Degree in educational technology specializing in insturctional design and the application of technology into any learning activities. Hope I can be a good help to the college after I am done. LJ


Lilly Primo Augustine: 15 November. Whew! lets see where to start? Still in Fort Sill Oklahoma.Attending Cameron University. Major in Criminal Justice and Vice President for the Asian/Pacific Islander Association at C.U. What else? Still prefer Pohnpei than Oklahoma.

Fruston Likiaksa: 22 October. Jazmin sorry for not writing for so see, you were right in so many ways. you said that it would take for sometime to adjust ourselves into this new environment......we've gone into some problems but were okay. and as for our academics, well it is very tough but we're still hanging and trying to get our butts off the ground. we still remember everything we've learned from you so don't you always say.......DISCIPLINE!!!!!! and yep we still remember. jas, i got to go now we're about three weeks to our final exams.....and jas, can you do us (frust and linser)a favor????? give our regards to the new ladies in hcop, i mean the students in hcop????? just jok'n. frust and linser

Takiko Liemam: 26 July. where are you all my classmates/friends??? what has been going for the day... miss going to school...

Kolden Manuel: 09 May. Hi, you have an interesting document but it needs to be updated.

Anstain Ioanis: 07 May. got my AA in Liberal Arts @ COM-FSM in 2001. Currently staying in Honolulu, HI. A Senior, majoring in History/Political Science @ Chaminade University of Honolulu. Nickname: Tametame & Mama Mia. Future Politician of our developing nation. Graduated from Pohnpei Island Central School in '99. Graduation Theme: "We are the Future Pillars of our Nation". Keipweni pahn Kupwuren Lapalapoko Pohnpei UH....

Dakuma Lucios: 11 March. Hello everyone! In Spring 2001, I got my AS Degree In Computer Information System at COM-FSM National Campus. Now I'm working at Pohnpei Computer Consulting as a Computer Technician. It's been a great experience and learning for me. I am also waiting for the respond of the Australian Scholarship to further my education. See ya!

Sasaki B. Oliver: Got married in high school and still married til the end of my life. I am a father of three sons, a beautiful princess and a loving husband to a beautiful Queen. I am currently woking at the Commonwealth Utilities Corporation (CUC) as a Data Analyst / Technical Researcher on the beautiful Island of Saipan just North of Guam. I am sending this to COM-FSM, in hopes of getting in touch with fellow classmates and friends. PS, please get me Humphry Kilmete. Adios and Kaselel.

Sharla Mad: 17 February. What a surprise! I was so happy to get your mail. Thanks for all the news. I got to see pictures of your beautiful kids and wife. And you're looking good to me, hair of course is getting less:) Glad to hear that your the Chair for the department now, because I know you have the heart for it. I don't believe you still remember Patrick as being my calculus teacher. I hated that class and got a C in it, the only C on my transcript from there. I shouldn't say much because I was able to transfer the credits over here, so didn't have to take it again. Reading email from you and Jaz makes me think of the old times over there. The many many friends I had. The times I worked for you and then Doug. Where is Doug? He was so handsome:) Oh how I miss those days. Now I'm 28 yrs old and rushing to get some education, just to have something to fall back to. I'm trying Respiratory Therapy right now. Will definetely get my Bachelors and Masters in something. I would love to come visit Pohnpei someday and see the new campus. what ever happened to the old campus? I'm glad you stayed there and helped the school. And now you have a wonderful family, you got it made. I wish you and your family good health and lots of happiness. Kids are so great. I have a 3 yr old daughter that keeps me going every minute of the day. Gotta go and please keep in touch. Thanks again for your email. Sharla, Class '94

Leilani Welley here, just graduated 3 semesters ago with my BA in Elementary Education and currently working as an English teacher at PICS. Don't know why! A shout out to my education instructors and pals.

arjackson wrote: 17 February. hello fsm citizens, how ya'll doing in com so farhope everything is going well as our small country expected from u guys.pls keep up the good work and....never mind the fun.u'll always have time for that.'MO&BO later,just stick to what papa & nina com fahk an met'. k,missed ya'll

John Gelag: 04 February. Right now I am attending Weber State University in Utah. It is a very good school. Its faculty is great. I guarantee you. The faculty and staff work very closely with students. Even though it is a University, there is a great relationship between the students and faculty. They are there for students all the time. Most classes that I have taken have study sessions and private tutoring for free. Tutoring for free is great here for the students with financial aid plus supplemental grants offer all under Student service support services. I am under this program and it helps me a lot. I am doing great in here now. The university is not so big compare to University Of Utah but it is good for our micronesian students. They have a lot to offer and let them look it up on the internet. I apply here as a regular student(as a U.S.Citizen) and that is important because it takes a lot of requirements to apply as international students. FSM citizens are considered U.S. Citizen(regular students). International students pay more. I didn't know i could apply as regular student until i got here. let them know about that. Tuition is very reasonable. I don't know about the tuitions at the other universities like UH-Hilo but my tuition here is about 3,640 dollars for 12-13 credits. I encourage students to apply to scholarship like Yap State Scholarship for an example. Right now i am on student loan. I though i wasn't eligible according to our finacial status there at COM but i am able to have a student loan. I guess you have to get to the right counselor. Let our COM counselors know about this school. they also have engineering in electonics, mechanics, automotive services that will be suitable for students who are interested and especially for the vacational students like at PNI-Campus or Chuuk Campus. I used my high school transcript to get accepted at this university. It was a terrible mistake for me that i wasn't able to ut it requires transcript evaluation through the evaluators. They need to evaluate college transcript before it reaches the school ....only within the US don't necessary but through its territories and allies, it requires. I would recommend students. so far as i know, there is a couple of Palauans, the only one i know is about to graduate in a year from now as in bachelor of elementary Education and 2 other chuukese girls are also attending i would say tell them about the school and give them this website to check it out.


Mark G Yangal: am just dropping by so that you could've add myself to the list. There's not much to say it just that it's a great memories for me and whoever that came after: graduated in May 1998, now traveling with an AA in Liberal Arts, now stationing in Korea. Dec. 30,2002, peace....

Gabriel BossyHi. I graduated from COM ( it was known as CCM during my time) in 1989. I'm an Elementary Ed major and right after graduation I did some "hands-on" experiences in my field for almost seven and a half years (seven and a half years. Would you believe that?).With only a two-year-college degree, I feel that I still need to move on to the next level. So with a strong and willing heart, I am currently a senior at UOG with one more year to get my bachelors'. And I am not just about to stop at that level. It is my dream to complete all the levels. And I will,with the help from above, make it come true.

Joseph Sound: 24 October. Just chilling in the valleys of Utah!...Well, right now I'm working on my Masters in Computer Infmormation Systems. Graduated from the University of Utah last summer with my Bachelors of Science. It's been fun, but I sure miss the island life.


Nahila David Anson. Junior in Human Biology with a minor in Health Education at Grand Canyon University. "Never stop laughing otherwise life would be too boring!!!" [As of 1999 married and living on Pohnpei].
Arthur Joel. Graduated with A.S. in Elementary Education, 1978. Received a "3rd Year; Teacher Certificate" in 1985. Currently awaiting the 4th year accreditation to get some kind of bachelor's from COM.
Lilly Primo Augustine CCM 1995 - 1996. Left Pohnpei in 1996. Now stationed in Oklahoma, married, no kids. "Oklahoma is cold in winter and warm in summer. Its not like Pohnpei. And I like Pohnpei better than Oklahoma because Pohnpei has no cold weather. There's no place like home."
Bryan Babauta Junior in Historical and Political Studies at Chaminade. Graduating Fall 1998.
Kenye (Kilafwasru) Tulensru Belcourt Associate's Degree in Liberal Arts, Community College of Micronesia, 1982. Currently resides in Pohnpei with her husband, son, and two daughters. Works at College of Micronesia-FSM Pohnpei State Campus as a librarian.
John Benjamin Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Computer Information Systems, Hawaii Pacific University 1987. Associate's in Business Administration-Community College of Micronesia, 1984. E4 Corporal U.S. Marine Corps, Persian Gulf War Veteran. Presently a technical writer in Torrance California with a wife and two children.
Lynn Carlos Junior in Criminal Justice at Chaminade University.
Jeanes Poll Cunningham BA Psychology, Com-FSM 1982-1984, UOG 1985-1988 Cum-Laude,I'm now married and we have three children.
Maxine Donre Junior in Business Management at Grand Canyon State University.
Twyla Eliam: Graduated May 1997. Still single. Currently working for the college at Pohnpei Campus as Accounts Clerk III.
Bridget Gapthey
Asinech Hellan. Graduated in Human Biology from Grand Canyon University.
Graham Henry: [23 October 2000] To all, Kaselehlie everyone, anyone interested in coming to Eastern Oregon University? Well, if you are, then I'm willing to help you out with any questions or comments you want to know about this school. There are very few micronesians here and there is a micronesian program here which helps all the micronesians( and all that's interested) to get associated or used to the school and environment.
Garrison F.Irons is a Junior studying Political Science-Law and Legal Studies at the University of Central Oklahoma who graduated from the College of Micronesia-FSM Spring 1998. "Aim high and shoot at the moon, even if you miss at least you'll be among the stars."
Arthur Joel: [13 August 2000] Upon cruising the net and trying to glean some Micronesian stuff I came across all the info of the Cholera rampage and also much talk about a certain journalist and tons and tons of comments about our growing nation. There are all these negative vibes(to use a 60's term). There are also many good things said, and exchanged and much detatched and carefree discussion on message boards and whatnot. Am not much familiar with the chat end of the cybermicronisianisms, but I assume simmilar. Much is said about almost all aspects of our lives out there; but wouldn't a whole lot of this be much better shared across a bonfire under a dark sky roasting flying fish and interlacing discussions with endless medlies reaching back to the day of the whalers and such and harmonies rising in crescendo till the very surf banging on the reef is drowned out and all that matters is that little snooze that can't seep in because of the sharp coral gravel that manage to dig into the flesh at the slightest slumber. Well, at least there will be no snoring tonight... all that sandpaperlike feeling around the neck-dried saltspray...
Remenster B. Johnna: Graduated from Pohnpei Campus Majoring in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Currently working at Pohnpei Computer Consulting as a Computer Business Assistant.
Cassidy Joseph email Majoring in Social Science at Southwestern Adventist University. "I like Texas!"
Yoneko Kanichy: Graduated May 1994, married, two kids. Currently working for the college at Pohnpei Campus as Secretary III to the Director.
Humphrey Kilmete: [18 December 1999] Hi there Dana, I hope you still remember me. I was your student back in 1995 at the College of Micronesia-FSM in Kolonia. My name is Humphrey Kilmete and now I'm in Georgia. [23 October 2000] Hi folks. I used to attend COM-FSM when I was on the Island. Now I am residing in Philadelphia, PA. It is fall here right now and it is cold as you know what. That is one thing I missed about my own Island, the warm weather that last all year round. I am now working with UPS as Night Shift Supervisor at the Philadelphia International Airport.
Serlihna "Lani" Ladore's home page!
Samantha Lowe Junior in Business Administration at Chaminade University.
David MacCarter "Virus (cleanup) Czar at the Northern Marianas College 0-)"
Sharla Dirkedil Mad Senior in Biology at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.
Brenda Nakayama: Just want to say thanks to the government of Pohnpei for allowing the COM to continue the summer session according to the student's educational needs. Also just want to tell all the alumnies to always remember where we born as college students, especially to all the students that start at the new campus. I guess we were the first born on the new campus. So keep in mind that one day we will earn a high level of education so may be able to come back and help our one and only college in FSM. I am still continuing studying in accounting. Thanks. [26 June 2000]
Mary Rose Nakayama Southern Cross University, Australia
Alex Nanpei : Geomatics engineering(surveying engineer) California State University at Fresno. Graduated in spring of 98 with AA in Liberal Arts. address..
LeeRoy H. Noda Senior in Psychology at University of Hawaii.
Freddy Olter In Civil Engineering at University of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.
Brocula A. Palsis. Graduated from CCM School of Nursing in Saipan after couple semesters in Pohnpei. Associate Degree in Nursing also at University of Hawaii, Manoa.. Registered Nurse in the State of Hawaii. Worked for the FSM National Government from 1991- Sept. 15, 1998. Married with 3 children.
Karen Poll: [01 July 2000] Hi there Stranger Leeling :=) If only I stayed awake for your lectures, I could have run for President by now! Say "hi" to Jasmin for me. Here's my exciting profile: Karen Poll, graduated COM '95 AA LA (HCOP) Currently in the Service as a corpsmen Single.
Selma Primo: [05 August 2000] Now living in north carolina. Will start at high point university next spring to further my study in tourism. Still single.
Bailey Rosario. "My name is baily rosario. Graduated from college of micronesia back in 96, last graduates of the old school(kolonia) recently in georgia with my wife and son..i am now working for the national government. I am a logistic automated specialist.
Debra Weilbacher Perman: Graduated, May 1996, married, one son. Currently working for the college at Pohnpei Campus as Fiscal Officer.
Phillip, Melton (CBCPH) 29 Dec 1999: Graduate of the Old school (CCM), spent two years at USP(Fiji), got flunked out & escaped to Guam, drafted into the service (Navy). Currently station at the NAS POINT MUGU. While in the service, I'm back at school again, at the University of La Verne here in L.A. Never give up school. By the way, I was involved in a lot of activities during my prime at CCM, and I am just wondering about what's going on? Any newsletter about what's going on? I started a club called the Business Club for all business major students and those interested. During my term as the club's 1st president, I hosted forum, discussions, meetings, functions, and debates that addressed problems of the state and federal levels of government. Is the club still alive? I even open up an account in the name of the club at the BOH with $100 check, courtesy of the manager of the BOH. Won't mind reading about all these.
Ambrose Raymond (Ambo): I graduated from COM-FSM in Spring 1998 with an A.S in Accounting and I am now attending UOG in Mangilao, Guam. I am expecting to graduate with my BBA in Business Management in spring 2001. Just want to remind you all the COM students that you are on the right way. "Step by step is the best"!! [07 June 2000]
Pinercy Marcus Rettin Graduated from CCM May 1989, married, one son, working with FSM Telecommunications Corp. as an Account Clerk.
Robson S. Romolow, former COM-FSM student at Pohnpei campus and now I'm a sophomore at Northwest Nazarene University studying Business Administration and International Studies. I was attending COM-FSM Pohnpei campus Fall of 1998 until the summer of 1999. I graduated from Saramen Chuuk Academy (SCA) May 1996. [30 October 1999]
Johnson A. Sepety BA Sociology 1995 Lock Haven University Pennsylvannia
Bender Shomour [13 November 2000] class of Y2K and he is from the state of Chuuk now at the University of Hawaii at Hilo. Here I am in UH-Hilo. Please keep all those things you put on the internet or COMFSM.FM because it help me alot. I don't know the others, but for me I always go back to COMFSM went I need help. Thanks and kinisou chapur, kanakan
Asher T. Sigrah Natural Science major at University of Hawaii-Hilo.
Welman Sohl wrote: For those of you who plan on going to a University after you graduate, I strongly recommend UH-Hilo. Not only is this place similar to our home islands but the tuition is affordable. The staff here do their best to help each and every student accomplish their goals and tasks. The environment here is unlike any other because we have all sorts of people around the world so racial issues rarely arise among students. The housings off campus are also affordable if you plan on living off campus. Most of us who go to school here are COM-FSM graduates and we encourage you to think wisely before selecting a school away from home.
Santus Talugmai attended CCM from 1983-85 and received his Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts. From 1985-86 he completed his third year and received a Certificate in Special Education, went to University of
Hawaii-Hilo where he studied "Economics". Graduated from UHH with a BA degree in economics. Returned to the FSM and worked for the FSM Government at the National level. [11 May 2000]
Lorraine Williams Wednesday, November 29, 2000 7:38 PM Well, its actually not what we call NEWS. I just wanna say hi to all pohnpeians.
Linda Xavier in Salem, Oregon, 14 August 2000.