Homework: Histogram choices Name:

What are we doing on a Friday evening?
ActivityNumber of responses
Watching your baby niece/nephew while the parents are out1
Playing basketball at the local elementary school 4
Drinking beer in a night club or bar 6
Playing bingo with friends 7
Watching kasudo rented from Movieland 3
Watching cats at the Taketik dump site 2
Watching ID Discovery Crime Night 2
Singing on Nahlap 4
Playing pool next to a village store 5
Drinking sakau en Pohnpei in a local markets 8
Playing sakura 4
Singing in the shower 1
Playing volleyball in the grass patch near the school 4
Singing at the Women's Christian Association service 5

Consider the above data. What statistics, if any, can you report? For those statistics that you feel you can report, give the value of the statistic and explain why you can report them. Create an appropriate histogram chart for this data.