Urohs en Pohnpei

Urohs en Pohnpei: A traditional Pohnpeian skirt.Shown at left is an urohs en Pohnpei, or Pohnpeian skirt. They are machine sewn using an applique method where layers of fabric are cut away to reveal the pattern. The pattern repeats around the back. This skirt is done in the shorter Kosraen style and was sewn by Shrue Kilafwasru Lee Ling. Shrue then sells the skirts locally for thirty-five dollars.

Yonis doing cut-work on an urohs en Pohnpei. The master seamstress does the machine stitching, the cut-work requires less skill and more time. Cut-work only requires occasional intense attention and thus cut-work time is also a time for "sramsram," or social talk.

Work on an urohs en Pohnpei Shark heart design by Shrue Kilafwasru Lee Ling Pacific Island Quilt by Maria Salvador

All the rage Xmas 1998...Nike!Black as the overlay is hard: you can't see the pencil marks on the cloth.

Shrue and her sister, Yonis Kilafwasru in Kosraen Sunday dresses.Shrue in Balinese dress.An Asher by blood and by looks.

Sakau en Pohnpei Nights