157 Notes

A baby can push its finger into water, yet the water carries away mountain ranges. the water is everywhere, in low places, in dark places, nurturing weeds and crops equally.

Trees are toppled by storm winds, Grass gently bends in storm winds.

Balance mind and body. Think and act. Exercise the mind and body, learn and workout, intellect and physique.

Intellect is not wisdom, wisdom is acculumulated experience. Wisdom requires time.

Return to the root. Return to nature. Living life drains the mind and body. Balance mind and body. Recharge mind and body, in a forest, in a field, by a stream, in quiet places.

Produce children with one mate for life. Children should be born into a stable, secure, and permanent family with loving parents. Random, accidental creation of children is sexual licentiousness. where a child is born, the mating pair is mated for life.

Love unconditionally.

Do not discriminate.

Love even your enemies.

Do not harm nor threaten to harm, neither physically nor mentally, another life.

Pleasure from violence or the threat of violence is cruel, violates life.

Forgiveness comes from the one transgressed against.

Soft is inner strength, soft is nurturing. Soft is giving.

Be generous. Give.

Do not speak in anger.

Strong emotions are storms of the mind.

Physical exercise releases the emotional energy of frustration nondestructively.

The fault or weakness we see in another is only a reflection of a fault or weakness we see in ourself.

Judge not others.

Giving up is a not-choice. Giving up leaves choices to others.

A clear mind is necessary to making choices. Do not become chemically addicted or dependent.

Words can deceive. Appearances can deceive. Actions done for the sake of appearances can deceive. Do not deceive.

Secret information is not. All things hidden will be known.

Education is a natural right, the obligation and duty of one generation to the next. Educate the children, educate the adults, educate yourself. Learn.